What is the Cheapest Way to Transport a Car Perth to Sydney

Thousands of Aussies find the need to move their vehicle interstate each year, for some it can be a nervous job to tackle considering the time involved, being without a car for the duration or bothered by the expense of it all. Driving for extended hours between states can be tremendously exhausting and time consuming especially for long haul distances between coasts such as Perth to Sydney or vice versa, so why do people still do it?

There are many ways to move a car over long distances, by comparing professional car transport Perth to Sydney or using a friend’s old rusty car carrying trailer. There are pros and cons of each but what is actually the cheapest way? What automatically comes to mind is doing it yourself may be the cheapest, saving the cash and preparing for a long road trip ahead, but let’s consider what is involved in all the logistics.

Is it Cheaper to Move a Car Perth to Sydney via Car Freight Companies?

Moving a vehicle over a long haul distances by professional car carrying companies is a service and like all businesses that offer services, they would like to be compensated for their efforts. Definitely there are expenses involved and in a business where you are moving multiple cars that add up to tonnes in weight over long distances can incur a high amount in expenses. No doubt the cost of fuel is a big factor in any car transport quote, in addition the type of vehicle, the size of the vehicle and the distance travelled are all calculated to form the basis of the transport quote. To minimize the costs of course, car carriers have custom made trailers capable of carrying multiple vehicles on the single journey. Also, the cost of car transport becomes cheaper per kilometre over longer distances as well as cost savings can be made by dropping off and picking up the car at the depot. Furthermore, take a little time to compare car transport quotes to save even further on interstate vehicle transport.

Is it Cheaper to Move a Car Perth to Sydney on My Own?

It’s probably the first thought that comes to mind when dealing with the dilemma of moving a car from Perth to Sydney. There are things that should be carefully considered for this option, whether the car being moved is registered or capable of driving interstate over a long distance for several days. If not, you may decide to hire a flatbed trailer and have a vehicle capable of towing a heavy load. A friend’s car carrying trailer may be free but how would you return it? You may think that the only expense involved here is a few tanks of fuel but what about time taken off work to move the car? The entire journey between Perth and Sydney may take five days or more so think about what it costs for accommodation and meal breaks. Consider things that could go wrong, a break down perhaps that could be extremely costly.


The two options for car relocation differ in many ways but there is no right or wrong way. It all comes down to personal preference, the age of the vehicle and how far interstate you are moving. It may be a cheap and cost effective solution to drive it over a single state border if the car was reliable and checked by a mechanic beforehand, but if you are considering a long haul interstate journey, the cheapest way to transport a car Perth to Sydney is best left to the professionals.